These past few weeks…

My goal from the start was to gather up illustrations I would do and turn them into an illustration magazine. Though these past weeks have been difficult to do, they were interesting and fun to do. 

In order to achieve my goal, I would draw every 3-5 days, doodling small things and then later making them into something much bigger. There was, however many failed attempts and a lot of rejected drawings. Some were even scrapped. But that didn’t stop me from continuing doing what I love.

One of the scrapped ideas I had done involving cactus’s

Another one of my scrapped Illustrations

During these weeks, I felt that I didn’t fully complete my goal. I wish I would’ve had much more time to dedicate it for my drawings.

I attend a club everyday after school and I would doodle some stuff up in there as well, but once I got home I was dead tired and couldn’t finish the drawings. I also lost my inspiration to draw multiple times during these weeks. I’ve browsed through some of my favorite artists/friends drawings, such as meatspice and Nikolasdraperivey , but nothing ever came to mind.

But nonetheless, I ended up improving in my art in small ways and even allowed me to try new things with my art! Nothing was in vain, and I gained tons of experience with this. 

My next steps after this are probably going to continue on making illustrations and having a decent amount of pages done by early June! I do want to publish something small for my first time! 

I’ll also be looking for that perfect balance between my drawing time and school time. I can’t dedicate all my time to drawing, but I also can’t neglect my drawings! I’m also hoping to collaborate with some of my artist friends in making prints and stickers!!

This project had taught me many things and I hope that with the new experience I learned, I’ll be able to use it in my everyday art. I hope to take this project and use it for applying to certain jobs as well. 

 I’m hoping to have an art career job, such as a video game concept artist for PlayStation or Square Enix . With all the fun I had on this, I’m thinking of getting more involved in more projects similar to this. Maybe I’ll even make up my own project!

This was a great experience and I’m glad to have been able to get the chance and get involved with the project. 

Watch here how my art is going.


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