A special interview!

As I am not very knowledgeable in the printing or commission industry, I decided to ask a close acquaintance of mine some questions that might be of great use to me in my journey on making my own illustration magazine!!

They’re name is Ara and they’re from Chile. They like to play video games and draw in their free time. They also love fashion and their dream is to live and work in Finland! They have dealt with a great amount of commissions and are quite familiar when it comes to selling their art!! 

They run an art Instagram and even a DeviantArt !

I asked them a few questions dealing with selling their art and their overall opinion on drawing things!

These are the questions:

Q: How do you negotiate with a customer on what they want(such as telling them that you cannot draw something from their request)? 

A: I first tell them what I cannot draw, like, “hey I can draw everything but complicated stuff like cars and robots, if you are OK with that, then we are ready to go.”

Q: Do you prefer drawing traditionally or digitally and why?

A: I really prefer drawing traditionally. I feel I have less limits than when it comes to digitally since I don’t have that much experience with it…

Q: How do you get your inspiration to draw?

A: I usually get inspired when I look at my favorite artists drawings or when spacing out while listening to music. Sometimes I try to think of scenarios before sleeping so I can draw them the next day! 



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