10 things to do & 10 things not to do when drawing

Things to do:

1.) Always listen to music: It helps with inspiration and it can get you in the mood to draw.

2.) Keep references nearby: Every artist uses references, so don’t be afraid to use them!! (But never forget to credit the original owner or mention you used a reference for it!)

3.) Keep a timer on when you draw: It’s nice to know how long a drawing takes and what you can do within a time limit.

4.) Set up frequent alarms: Trust me, It’s easy to lose track of time!

5.) Use your breaks to stretch and get food: Sitting down strains our backs, so it’s good to get a good stretch and eat to get the energy to draw again!

6.) Always stay positive: It’s easy to bash on ourselves, so keeping a good mindset really helps.

7.) Try drawing in only pen or don’t erase your mistakes: This always helps improve in your artwork and helps identify your mistakes quicker.

8.) Always work nearby a good light source: I mean, why would anyone work in the dark?

9.) Write down your ideas: It might end up into something good and bigger.

10.) Look at other people’s artwork: Inspiration comes in many forms. 

Things not to do:

1.) Never draw in the car: First of all, a driver shouldn’t multitask(If you can drive), second, It may seem like a good challenge, but it’s better to have fun. 

2.) Never allow unwanted criticism: Unless you stated you don’t mind it anytime. Otherwise, you should always determine when you want to be criticized.  

3.) Not all great art is done with great utensils: Don’t waste any more money than you need to in order to make a masterpiece. Great art is done even with basic utensils! 

4.) Don’t draw for continuous hours: Let your mind take a break from time to time, and you yourself should too. 

5.) Don’t let hate comments affect you: You’re great in your own way. Someone else’s wonder is not greater than yours.

6.) Never rely only on one type of medium: Try other mediums, you never know which might suit you more better!

7.) Don’t draw the same pose every time: Studying various poses and angles will definitely help you improve. 

8.) Never procrastinate: You’ll never finish a drawing ever again. I know from multiple experience. 

9.) Scrapping your art: Don’t do it. Keep it and observe what you didn’t like from it. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying you best!

10.) Never limit yourself: Become the flower that sprouted through concrete. Give it your all and exceed your imagination. Everything comes with pay. 


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