A creative path…

For my next illustration, I decided to take a new creative path.

That path was trying to use mix media on one of my characters!


My original character, Adonis

I was never a fan of using mix media, but I decided since I have learned new techniques and I main a new medium, I thought why not give it another shot! In the end, it was a exciting journey, and I enjoyed it plenty!

This piece took me around 4 and a half hours to complete. Waiting for the watercolor to dry was not fun. Adding multiple layers on the watercolor was also tedious, but it was necessary. 

I enjoy drawing the characters I make, so planning a proper illustration (with multiple colors included) was pretty easy to plan out. It also gave me a chance to give them a different mood. 


The first layer of watercolor being applied

Multiple layers were added to the illustration. When I say multiple, I mean about 15 at the least. The clothing received the most layers and took the longest, but ended up looking how I wanted it to look! The hair was done with a black brush pen, the background was done with a marker, and extra details on the face and some on the clothing were done in colored pencils!!


The beginning sketch all cleaned up

This was really fun and it also was a challenge for me at the same time! Nonetheless, It was a great experience to try something brand new with my drawings. 

And as always, I had motivating and upbeat music to keep me focused and entertained!! This time I went old school and listened to some Original Sound Track(OST) remixes of an anime I enjoyed watching back then! The video contains about 2 hours and a half worth of songs which was perfect for me to jam out to while drawing. 

I’m glad the illustration ended up looking how I wanted it to be in the first place. I even gained some love for doing mix media, so I’m hoping to do it again in the future. 


Materials I used: 

  • NASCO pro performance watercolor brush-size 10
  • PRANG professional watercolor set & PRANG OVAL watercolor set-16
  • 0.5mm lead pencil
  • Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen-Extra Fine, Black
  • BLICK Colored Pencils
  • COPIC Sketch, R20
  • PRISMACOLOR Premier marker, PM-4



2 thoughts on “A creative path…

  1. I like how you posted pictures of your process throughout the making of your piece! I feel you could go a little more detail about the process. Overall, this is lovely blog post and can’t wait to see what else you come up with!


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