The journey so far

These past few weeks have been hard to deal with! My motivation to draw anything went away, but I didn’t let it stop me from at least getting a few sketches done to work on when I was feeling better.


I finally managed to finish a drawing and actually be satisfied enough with it!!

Finished product!

I always enjoyed drawing the male anatomy. It always interested me and I’m always intrigued in learning more things about muscles and how the body is formed in its own ways! I decided to draw one of my original characters for this!

This drawing took me about 2 hours and around 25 minutes in total. All this is basically is a cleaned up sketch. - Edited

A closeup for details

I didn’t get stuck on anything in particular, so time went by smoothly. I did spend a ton of time on the face surprisingly. I kept changing the position/structure of the eyes and took time trying to get the hair to look right!

A progress picture I took on my Snapchat


This was fairly fun to draw, and it was a bit easier to get more details in when drawing on the whole page. 

Listening to music always help me when I draw, but recently I was recommended a song and I had it on repeat the entire process of this! It really helped me get in my zone and in the mood to draw.

Overall, this was enjoyable and I’m planning on doing more studies/practices on the human anatomy for my future illustrations!



Materials I used:

  • 0.5mm Pencil!



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