The art of printing

Though there are plenty of artists who create plentiful illustrations of their own, they have the option to publish any of those artworks on their own!


Picture From Parka Blogs

The well known series, Resident Evil, has published multiple art books dedicated to their games and characters! 

But the real questions are how they are able to publish their own artwork, how to get started on independent publishing, and printing/publishing in general! There’s a bit I need to learn in order to achieve my current goal and to get started on it. 

One major thing to keep in mind is being able to self-promote yourself. This is a crucial part if your wanting to achieve any kind of success for your artwork or writing. You should also ask yourself if you know what your competing against, any ideas for self-promoting activities, and what you’re trying to reach in general! 

If you’re thinking of publishing any of your works, then no worries! You’re not required to have an official publishing group looking over your works and determining if they’ll sell or not. Just find a reliable publishing store online! Though in the 15th century the means to get stuff printed were by using the method “woodcut”, which basically you would carve texts and images onto wood. 

However, technology has advanced since then and various printing methods were created, now you’re able to print anything digitally or online! Even at low prices

index_banner5 - Edited

Courtesy of welead 

Gravure Printing is mainly found used for magazines, newspaper and packaging!

There still is much to learn about publishing your own works, If any interest was triggered, then go read on some simple steps on printing out your own magazine as well on WikiHow !


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