The proposal to take the next step

My goal for this project is to take my level of skill in drawing and take a step forward with it by creating a magazine full of various illustrations on characters. I’ll be able to get more skilled on doing illustrations and become a more organized with the way I draw.

Illustration I did for Christmas!


This goal was chosen due to it giving me plenty of opportunities to improve and maybe even help me get my artwork out there to different people.

Since I have already been drawing for years, I thought that if I did this, I would discover new ways on how I place characters onto the paper and how I can add more to it, such as colors and even backgrounds.

The decision was made to draw sketches of any character(half and full body) every 1 day for a total of 3-5 hours each week. I will also try to have each sketch in a different pose/angle and they’ll have a theme to give it more uniqueness!

I’m also thinking of talking to some artists that have already published some art magazines on Instagram and asking for some helpful tips on creating it and some advice for what to draw and how to make them look distinctive.

I’m expecting a ton of obstacles ahead..

One major obstacle I’ll face is getting art block. When this happens, I’ll search through Tumblr and other websites (Instagram, Paigeeworld, ETC.)that contain various art so I can find any sort of inspiration and I’ll draw for at least an hour.

I’ll also have body references and face references for when I can’t get a certain pose or angle correctly and want a more accurate pose as well. There’s also the issue where i’m stuck on ideas. I’ll look through all of my drawings and see if there’s any doodles that I would like to improve and use it.


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